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Triggit Cover Letter

Working at a start-up company seems like one of the most gratifying situations to work in because of the potential influence and contribution I could be involved in. To be a part of a company in the beginning stages and watch it grow into a successful monster (which it will, if I have anything to do with it) would be the ultimate satisfaction. My background in public relations, advertising, social media, journalism and music makes me a multi-faceted resource who can bring insight from many areas of media. Similar to you young go-getters who cease any opportunity for success at Triggit, I know that I can bring results, fun and a great head of hair to Triggit Media.

As a Bay Area native, I have a sincere love for San Francisco that stayed with me throughout college and brought me back here after graduation. The diversity, fast-paced—yet chill when necessary—attitude that San Francisco encompasses surmounts any other city I have visited in the United States.

My go-getter attitude leads me to one of my favorite stories of my “entrepreneurial flair.” Though the newspaper is for the University of Oregon, it is a non-profit organization. The newspaper’s non-profit status meant that the newspaper was primarily funded by advertising dollars. As an account executive with a salary based on commission, I was driven to succeed. Usually account executives stick to the small businesses to get advertising, but I wanted to go beyond Eugene and go for corporations. I was told that AT&T was impossible to get a hold of and would not run ads, so I took that as a challenge. After over a year of hunting the media buyer down, I finally succeeded and had a signed insertion order for $15,000. I was the first person to conquer AT&T and got a successful advertising campaign to run in the Oregon Daily Emerald.

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