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Indigo District Hosts Inaugural Bash with MoveOn

Club Inaugurating New Ownership and President Obama Jan. 20

Jan. 18, 2009:  4 p.m.

News Facts

  • The Indigo District will be reopening its doors under new ownership.
  • Libby Adams succeeds son Justin Gibbs as CEO of Indigo along with additional partners sons Robert Gibbs, David Gibbs, nephew Nic Adams, and Stephen Kim
  • Inaugural Bash celebrates both the swearing in of expanded ownership for the Indigo District as well as of President Barack Obama.
  • MoveOn will help sponsor the Inaugural Bash
  • Inaugural Bash one of more than 2,500 bashes happening all over the country.


  • “We’re launching Happy Hour for the first time that day at 4 p.m. I want to let people know we are ‘Inaugurating’ our happy hour on this Inauguration Day of January 20.”

-Libby Adams, CEO, Indigo District Development, LLC

  • “The whole point of the Obama campaign was that you don’t have to be a DC insider to feel part of this country and our government-so, here in Eugene we’re celebrating with our own Inaugural Bash.”

-Leona Laurie, Public Relations Director, Indigo District Development, LLC


  • Photo (hi/lo resolutions): Indigo District
  • Link to traditional news release (PDF)

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About Indigo District Development, LLC
Located in Eugene, Ore., the Indigo District serves as a bar, café, and music       venue. The 600-person venue was founded in 2003 by Justin Gibbs.

For More Information
Libby Adams

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