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Hey Ma Look! My Jazzy Young Professional Suit Came!


As graduation nears, the pressures of finding my perfect job are increasing at an exponential rate. Though this is quite an exciting time, one can’t help but be worried. We are worried about the economy (though I hear grads like me will be prime candidates for jobs; we work for cheap!), the competition, and our professional wardrobes. Maybe that last one is just me…Excuse my superficiality. One of the scariest, yet exciting, things is I am changing my role in society!

As soon as that graduation cap is taken off, my young professional cap will be plopped right on. “Student” has been on my name tag for 18 years now, I’ve chosen that on every scroll down menu forever! Now I’m supposed to actually fit into a box? I’ll have to look for “Public Relations Professional” or “Professional Communicator” on the scroll down menu? I don’t even know if that’s what I will be labeled as!

Pfft, I am totally going to be a young professional: Young 20s-30s (yes);Low income (yes); Living in apartment (yes). And hey, I’ll even be living in the number 2 best city for young professionals to live, San Francisco!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully embrace this new hat, I’m just not used to it…I’m not even that scared of starting a real job. I’m pretty psyched, actually; this phase of my life couldn’t come sooner! I suppose the only fears I have are the facade I may be expected to portray or how put together I’m supposed to be. Mainly superficial things. Going in unprepared is not as much of a fear because learning on the job is quite common.

All this thought was sparked by my PR Campaigns class the other day because we had to discuss resumes and all that jazz. Some of my classmates were pretty bummed about entering the job market, so I guess I feel good about my excitement.


GrrrlzRock! At Sam Bond’s!!


Awesome earthy bar? Yes please. Delicious organic menu? Check. Beer served in Mason jars? You betcha. AWESOME LOCAL MUSIC? Oh, you have no idea.

I know, I know. This extraordinary combination of items seems out of a dream, but it can all be found at Sam Bond’s Garage on November 14 in yet another awesome GrrrlzRock! concert series event.

Located in the heart of the Whiteaker district, Sam Bond’s Garage epitomizes the Eugene ambiance at it’s finest. Serving delicious pizza, a plethora of beers, and a darn good show in a wood-paneled pub, Sam Bond’s is the local bar to be at any night of the week. Besides, beer tastes way better out of a Mason jar; everyone knows that.

Not only does Sam Bond’s provide great jar of beer, but most importantly they will be hosting an incredible show with quite the lineup of local musicians. The show will be awesome and for 6 bucks, you can’t go wrong. Check out the lineup and visit the artist pages to hear the awesomeness that awaits you:

Madame Flodd:

Bajuana Tea:


Halie Loren:





Or “President-Elect” as my Repub Facebook friends continually remind me (I know I know, we still have a Bush in the House). As a fellow mixed-race American, I must say that I am damn proud! Regardless of my racial background, I am proud of him and America for taking such a huge step to better our nation.

Despite this ENORMOUS step we have made as a nation I still have some repremanding scolding to do: SHAME ON YOU, CALIFORNIA! I MEAN COME ON! IT’S ALMOST 2009! YOU WANNA TAKE A STEP FOR CHANGE? GO ALL THE WAY, DARNIT! Whew, that really took it out of me. This was the first time I truly expressed my emotions; I just typed really hard. I apologize.

On another note, can we puh-lease discuss the coverage??? So first off, let me try to express my shock when whats-her-face appeared on the CNN stage via HOLOGRAM. Soooo..I guess we live in the future. You know, the Star Wars future. I can’t promise I would have stuck primarily to CNN coverage last night had they not thrown in the holoview (hologram+interview=holoview, I’m kitchy, right?). Then they brought in the completely politically unrelated figure, Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, via hologram to assure that my young eyes stray don’t stray to Fox. Well CNN, it worked, ok? You got me.

Last Election night tidbit, I promise: So I think–no, I know– I would have been more appreciative of the big win had there not been friggen projected results. Ok ok, I would have been annoyed had they not had them, but it’s just that they (CNN…) made it soo official looking! It was like “OBAMA IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! CNN projects.” Right after I read this, some guy went running down the street shouting in glee about this projection! I think I’m just bitter because I didn’t emotionally prepare for it enough. I wanted tears! I wanted passion! I wanted screaming! I was just in utter shock. My desired reaction came a bit after, but it just wasn’t the same. These are just semantics.

Geez what a whiner I am. I’m not used to being content with a political situation, I’ve only complained over the last 8 years, so I apologize for unnecessary rants. Wow, it feels good.

Whelp. I’m done here! Stay tuned, I’ll be telling all about an awesome music series in Eugene!

21 Going on 50


Lately I’ve been feeling a bit..well..old. And crotchity. I’m 21-year-old senior in college, I should be out having a ridiculous time every weekend. However, since I have been granted the ability to (legally) drink, I’ve been quite the homebody.

For a while I was feeling pretty frustrated about my elderly tendencies to be in bed by 10:30, but I’ve come to realize it’s not just me. Last weekend I went to a house party with my roommate and another friend to this monstrous house down the street. I left an hour later. Maybe I’m just an old soul. Or maybe I’m just lame. Eh, whatever.

I’ve come to realize that I hate being hungover. No, like I really hate it. The whole process of going to buy booze, then drinking it really fast, then being drunk…it all just takes too much out of me. That’s it. I’m just lazy. Too lazy to get drunk. Ha! I feel better already.

Why Halloween Will ROCK this Year


Palin would be proud.

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I’ve been staring at a computer screen for about 3 hours now.
I’ve been staring at blogs and blog related materials for 3 hours.
Teach me, blog Gods, teach me!

I promise I will have some interesting material soon.

five, fire, cinco, cinq,fünf


Yes, 5 days.

I had a mini breakdown about an hour ago. I cannot believe I am leaving in 5 days. I don’t know if I’m prepared– physically and emotionally. I’m tying some loose ends up and things are coming together: I have a place to stay when I get to the Bahamas, I have my Bio Bay and Safari taken care of…and that’s about it. I still have to get my transcript, books and backpack. Oh geez.

I am terrified at this point. I am excited, too. I waver between terrified/excited about every 5 minutes. This trip is so out of my realm of comfort that I have no idea how to react. I have to leave all of my anxieties in California and take this trip and run. Yesterday I went to Tracy’s baby shower and a regular Piggy customer (a German Chanel model) told me that I will get there and never look back. Everything I am worried about in the present will be a part of my past in a few short weeks (hopefully one short week). I am going on an experience of a lifetime and nothing else will matter. This is coming from a woman who up and left Germany for Paris to become a model, met her husband and randomly moved to California. I respect her advice. And she’s right. I shouldn’t worry about how my history of depression, social issues and whatnot MIGHT affect my trip. I feel like I’ve grown since then and will be able to have it under control. As long as I don’t let it overcome me, it won’t.

I can do this and it will change my life. I’ve been telling myself for years that I need to take a big step in my life to get me out of my funk and this is it. I have mentally prepared myself for this recently and I need to put what I’ve learned into action. Go me.

This felt good. I’ll be doing this more.