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Shackin’ up with the ‘Rents not such a bad idea

Image Credit: Jon Keegan

Image Credit: Jon Keegan

Moving back home after college seemed like the worst possible idea in the entire world–last year. Now, it’s not looking too shabby. Graduating college used to mean starting life as an official adult and taking full responsibility for ones actions and finances. These days, however, graduating college with a stable and plentiful bank account is not very likely, thus the increase in decisions to move back home.

I’ll admit it, I did DO not want to move back home. By doing so I will be giving up all of the freedom that I have enjoyed over the last 3 1/2 years. Curfews will be reinstated, chore lists posted back up and the feeling of being back in high school overwhelming my being. Can’t wait.

On the other hand, I am extremely grateful to have a roof over my head, which will allow me to save up some money so that I can move out eventually. Moving back home is not so bad. Granted, the above cons are daunting, but the benefits that lie ahead are worth the few annoyances. Here are the perks that I continually remind myself of that make living at home seem tolerable:

Mom’s cooking is too tempting to say ‘no’ to, and it is infinately better than my chicken stir-fry. I may gain back my freshman 15 that I finally lost after 3 years, but it will be well worth it.

Fully stocked fridge. I don’t know about your mom, but my mom shops like she’s still feeding two athletic boys and an athletic girl even though we’ve all moved out. So, even when mom’s  not cooking I still have a grocery store right in my house.

Rent-free living, or at least for the first few months or so. No more rent checks or waiting for the toilet to get fixed. Instead of getting into further debt (thanks, student loans), I can actually save money.

Our 65″ Plasma Screen TV is amazing. I’m not a huge TV watcher, but this thing is awesome. This was my mother’s Christmas gift to herself and the rest of the family.

Quality time with the mom dukes is always great. I feel like I haven’t truly spent quality time with my mother in years. I’m only home for weeks at a time, and I work full time when I am home, so we never see each other. This will be a great opportunity to play catch up.

I realized that my list sounds like I’m going to be the deadbeat child bumming around the house eating all of the food and watching TV, but these are what keep me sane when realizing I’m living at home. Really though, living at home is the smartest economic move that

graduates can make. Truthfully, I don’t know many people who can afford living by themselves right now anyway. I understand those who are moving to a different city for a job, but moving home is the wisest choice for those lucky enough like myself who want to work in their home city.

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