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Getting Your Ball Rolling


As graduation nears closer and closer (2 weeks, gulp), the necessity of finding a job or internship has become even more intense. Prior to entering my senior year, older friends urged me to start searching for a job by the end of winter term, spring term at the latest. Being slightly neurotic about my post-college life and a slight over achiever I began my search the summer before my senior year. Some people may comment that this is a waste of time, but in the long run I think it helped.

True, I wasted tons of time during the summer, but this was time that I otherwise would have wasted now. This “wasted” time was really time that I spent weeding out the resources that were dead-ends, and applying for programs that would be of no help to me. Now, I feel like I have a good handle on the job search process. This by no means is saying that I have my dream job locked down, or it is even close to reach. All I am saying is that starting early is necessary. The best I can do now is share what I have learned to cut down some wasted time for my fellow PR student job hunters. Read and learn, my friends:

Use what ya got!

As students, we are surrounded by valuable resources: Our professors. Your professors are in touch with people in the field, and they are bound to have contacts to share with you. Students come and go–some of which are hired into jobs at agencies or boutiques that you may want to work. These are wonderful people to schedule informational interviews with because chances are, they are in an entry-level position and can provide you with great insight. Get in good with them, and they might put in a good word in with HR or an SAE!

Do your research

One of the biggest wastes of time is when you apply for a job or internship and realize it is far from what you want to do. Before applying, figure out where you want to work. Make a list of all of the agencies or places you want to work and do extensive research on them. Look at past campaigns, case studies, what other people have said about them, etc. Not only will this research help you get a better understanding of the business, but it will also be impressive cover letter content.

Get LinkedIn

It’s hard to get anywhere when you’re out of the loop, so get linked in. As I mentioned in my previous post, LinkedIn is a valuable social media tool to have. You can post your resume, find people who work where you want to work and gain advice from PR pros. LinkedIn is a crucial networking site that you will find quite valuable.

Tweet Yourself a Job

I’m sure Twitter is not a new term to you at this point, but I feel that it is an untapped resource for finding jobs. Recruiters, agencies, HR and employees are all on Twitter, and all you have to do is find them and get to know them. Opportunities are popping up left and right, but many students miss them because they aren’t following the right people or aren’t on Twitter at all. As mentioned before, visit Tweet chat for #entryPR, #PRintern or #PRjobs to get PR jobs in chat form. You can also follow @HeatherHuhman, @PRjobs, @thinkintern, @JobAngles…just to name a few;)

Still check out those job sites, but also try these resources; you’ll be glad you did.

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