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Hey Ma Look! My Jazzy Young Professional Suit Came!


As graduation nears, the pressures of finding my perfect job are increasing at an exponential rate. Though this is quite an exciting time, one can’t help but be worried. We are worried about the economy (though I hear grads like me will be prime candidates for jobs; we work for cheap!), the competition, and our professional wardrobes. Maybe that last one is just me…Excuse my superficiality. One of the scariest, yet exciting, things is I am changing my role in society!

As soon as that graduation cap is taken off, my young professional cap will be plopped right on. “Student” has been on my name tag for 18 years now, I’ve chosen that on every scroll down menu forever! Now I’m supposed to actually fit into a box? I’ll have to look for “Public Relations Professional” or “Professional Communicator” on the scroll down menu? I don’t even know if that’s what I will be labeled as!

Pfft, I am totally going to be a young professional: Young 20s-30s (yes);Low income (yes); Living in apartment (yes). And hey, I’ll even be living in the number 2 best city for young professionals to live, San Francisco!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully embrace this new hat, I’m just not used to it…I’m not even that scared of starting a real job. I’m pretty psyched, actually; this phase of my life couldn’t come sooner! I suppose the only fears I have are the facade I may be expected to portray or how put together I’m supposed to be. Mainly superficial things. Going in unprepared is not as much of a fear because learning on the job is quite common.

All this thought was sparked by my PR Campaigns class the other day because we had to discuss resumes and all that jazz. Some of my classmates were pretty bummed about entering the job market, so I guess I feel good about my excitement.

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