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GrrrlzRock! At Sam Bond’s!!


Awesome earthy bar? Yes please. Delicious organic menu? Check. Beer served in Mason jars? You betcha. AWESOME LOCAL MUSIC? Oh, you have no idea.

I know, I know. This extraordinary combination of items seems out of a dream, but it can all be found at Sam Bond’s Garage on November 14 in yet another awesome GrrrlzRock! concert series event.

Located in the heart of the Whiteaker district, Sam Bond’s Garage epitomizes the Eugene ambiance at it’s finest. Serving delicious pizza, a plethora of beers, and a darn good show in a wood-paneled pub, Sam Bond’s is the local bar to be at any night of the week. Besides, beer tastes way better out of a Mason jar; everyone knows that.

Not only does Sam Bond’s provide great jar of beer, but most importantly they will be hosting an incredible show with quite the lineup of local musicians. The show will be awesome and for 6 bucks, you can’t go wrong. Check out the lineup and visit the artist pages to hear the awesomeness that awaits you:

Madame Flodd:

Bajuana Tea:


Halie Loren:


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