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Breathe innnnnnnn and oouuuttt


So today was better. Thanks to my dear dear friend, H. You know those people that are not part of your main circle, yet are always there for you as an objective source (and vice versa)? Well H is that for me.

We had a few classes together, ended up playing volleyball and realized we can chat about real things that we may not necessarily be able to talk about with our closest friends. Together we have found our perfect therapy: Racquetball. Yes, H and I call/text each other in times of despair and we play…hard. And we chat in between games about whatever it is that is bothering us.

So last night I frantically texted her to play. It was like a bat signal or something, because within minutes she called and said, “Ok, l understand, lets meet up in 10 and figure it out.” Awesome. Well she actually managed to solve all of my problems before we even arrived at the rec center.

Issues H solved include:
1) My M.I.P issue: “You can borrow my car if you need it that weekend. If you can’t work things out, then in the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal if it remains on your record.”

2) My medication issue: “Anti-depressants are a temporary thing and it is best for your current situation [going abroad]. I am going through it, too, and you’ll be fine. You’re not crazy.”

3) My ride home from Thanksgiving issue: “I live in the same area, I have three seats in my car, you and your friends can join in.”

4) My stressed out day issue: Some hardcore racquetball.

H is my savior. It feels good to feel good. At 7:30 last night my life was still in shambles and my eyes were still puffy from all my pitiful crying. By 8:30 felt in control of my life for once.

On another note…I sent out e-mails to a few firms I am interested in interning for this summer. I got one response back, which I did NOT expect, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She is doing interviews in March or April–when I’m abroad. Sooo, I could either convince her to consider me months ahead, interview me months later, or not try too hard on this one and shoot for the big daddy (Edelman!). I talked to Dina from Edelman and she said to call back next Wednesday. She has a contact in SF, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

Well, I’m off to bed. I have a looonnnng drive home tomorrow. California, here I come!

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